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Cherry blossoms are among the plants that never bear fruit and have perfect beauty. Sakura KİRAZ blossom, a very important tree in Japanese culture , signifies the beginning of life, the arrival of spring and the reality of life. Cherry blossoms bloom very slowly, but begin to fall very quickly. Another feature of the cherry blossom is that the sakura falls from its branches to the ground in its most beautiful form without wilting.

Kiraz Beach Hotel’ Family has determined its motto for the cherry blossom to symbolize the admirable perfection, elegance and the Start of spring. It’s understanding of serving with the elegance and warmth reflects the story of the cherry blossom. Kiraz Beach Hotel describes the hidden superiorities and beauties underlying in ordinary appearances, such as the concept of ' shibumi ' , which describes unpretentious perfection . It's such a touching that it doesn't need to be pretty. It's so real it doesn't need to be genuine. It means expressive silence.

As Kiraz Beach Hotel, we are trying to achieve the transition from a consuming person to a producing person through upcycling, as nature renews every year with the arrival of spring. And aim to contribute to sustainability. We provide comfort areas to our guests with our understanding of innovations with back and forth recycling.

At Kiraz Beach Hotel, you will experience days where you can get away from the routine of life, feel the pleasure of resting while having fun, and will think about returning every time you leave the door. We are very proud to see and witness the friendships, bonds and unforgettable moments being established here.

We feel the trust and want to thank all our guest who help us to establish such bonds. Everyone who enters through our doors is a member of this family.

And as Kobayashi Issa said, “In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger.”

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